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Environmental Policy

EnvironmentAs a market leader at the forefront of 21st century commerce, we take seriously our responsibility to set an example of Corporate Citizenship. Our goal at Pinnacle is simple: innovate sustainable practices any privately-owned service organization can follow.

To this end, we’re proving sustainability is practical – and necessary – outside the traditional manufacturing or public companies. These techniques are made freely available to all clients, suppliers, entrepreneurs, and members of mentor/protégé programs in which Pinnacle participates.

The foundation of our environmental position:

  • Scientific consensus contends climate change is a reality
  • Human activity is a contributor to the buildup of greenhouse gases
  • Businesses must increasingly play a leading role in reducing this generation’s carbon footprint
  • The most valuable methods make economic sense and can be implemented by most business

Pinnacle has met the challenge by relying more heavily on technology to move to a paperless culture and limit travel, procuring post-consumer recycled materials, installing motion-sensitive start/stop lights, limiting HVAC use, re-building and re-purposing used equipment in lieu of new purchases, and limiting emissions by locating our new headquarters more central to employee residences. Pinnacle’s team-base culture is a natural environment for ride-sharing and carpools.

A tremendous opportunity to be good stewards lies before us. We will aggressively pursue it.