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Contingent Workforce Staffing

Contingent Workforce StaffingProviding top talent to solve your staffing needs

Staffing agencies employ more than 2.7 million temporary and contract workers in the U.S. today. Our customers rely on us to provide top-tier talent, they choose Pinnacle. Our expansive network of proven recruiters ensures that we deliver top talent across all industries we serve, providing our clients with a strong workforce with the expertise they need.
Pinnacle’s deep experience in sourcing and recruiting provides the highest quality personnel available. Because of our dedication to excellence, we have reduced turnover rates for countless clients.


According to the U.S. Department of Labor employers who offer flexible work environments have a competitive advantage. As businesses restructure to strengthen their core offering, the flexibility Pinnacle staffing options allows them to perform more efficiently.

Access to Talent

Pinnacle clients have extensive access to a large talent pool which enables them to quickly find placement for specific skill sets.

Competitive Advantage

Our unique business process facilitates a value-creating strategy for your company. Pinnacle customizes solution for your business, manages human capital through 1500+ suppliers and our database manages the on-boarding process, and tracks all processes to give your business prominent placement in your market.

Stress-Free, Risk-Free

Pinnacle manages the entire hiring and employment process—relieving businesses of the tasks of paperwork and reducing liability.