Your contingent workforce/MSP program as a strategic accelerator?

Yeah, we do that.

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Managed Service Provider - Strategic Alignment to Goals

An MSP With Deep Understanding
& Alignment to Your Goals

We dive into all facets of your organization, learning its processes and procedures so we can recommend the best possible approach to meet your organizational goals.

Managed Services Provider - Actionable Reporting and Analytics

Dynamic Reporting
& Actionable Analytics

Actionable, real-time, customized analytics delivered across your user base to drive your strategic goals from – initiative identification to achievement tracking.

Managed Service Provider - Foster a Culture of Excellence

Create & Foster a
Culture of Excellence

Our approach creates a culture of excellence, highlighting key suppliers while also fostering the next generation of high performers for your organization.

Let's connect and transform your MSP program
from ordinary to extraordinary.

Let's connect and transform your MSP program
from ordinary to extraordinary.

An award-winning managed solutions provider

We deliver highly complex, compliant contingent labor programs to the Fortune 500 for over a decade.

We listen and understand that both your needs and the demands of the market can change rapidly – not just year over year – so we’ve built our program to adjust daily. This nimble approach drives proven solutions that ensure program success, and we have the client testimonials to prove it.


Tailor-fit services to manage
your contingent workforce programs.

Our managed services programs are designed from discovery to implementation to drive results and help you make informed, strategic decisions.
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A flawless track record
of program improvement and cost savings.

The complexity of today’s contingent workforce landscape can't be understated.

Implementing and managing contingent labor programs across multiple business units and geographies, each with its own unique set of requirements, can be challenging at best.

That's why we're here to help.

We're never satisfied with the status quo. We deliver crazy good.
We learn your culture and values.
Dedicated teams of industry professionals.
A program built with adaptability in mind.
We make ourselves available. Always.

Real-time metrics informing
quality & performance.

We utilize a metrics-driven approach using KPIs and SLAs, which are developed to drive performance program-wide. Key areas of focus include candidate quality, supplier performance, savings, and compliance.

Pinnacle Group prides ourself on customer service and operational excellence using highly skilled recruiting and supplier management expertise, coupled with back-office operations and fully compliant, auditable accounting.

Your trusted VMS implementation experts.

We bring years of VMS implementation experience across all major VMS solutions, ensuring we know how to maximize program design from implementation to steady state.

VMS implementation expertise across all major VMS platforms
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Partner with the diversity leader to exceed your diversity goals.

Pinnacle MSP develops customized strategies that increase and track all diversity classifications within your global labor, consultancy, and services spend categories – all aligned to your goals.

Our Commitment to Diversity