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Employer / Agent of Record services made simple.

Our proven approach to Employer of Record / Agent-of-Record (payrolling & independent contractor compliance) creates simple, unique solutions with an eye on expanding cost savings, increasing efficiencies, growing diversity spend, and mitigating risk.  Unlike many providers, Pinnacle extends our full employee benefits offering (medical/dental/vision/401k) to all payrolled workers, thereby increasing contractor satisfaction and retention.

Scale & Scope

Pinnacle Group manages thousands of contractors throughout the United States and Canada annually. We routinely onboard large groups of contractors when implementing new programs.


Pinnacle Group’s excellence in service makes us a top choice of Fortune 500 and mid-market companies. Our highly experienced Payrolling Practice Group ensures an outstanding customer and candidate experience.


As a 100% woman- and minority-owned (Hispanic) business, our clients receive the dual benefit of Tier 1 diversity spend and industry leading payrolling experience

Risk Mitigation

We mitigate your co-employment, wage & hour, and IC misclassification risk via experienced personnel and thorough internal review processes. Any ineligible 1099 independent contractors automatically qualify for W-2 based payrolling.

Tailor-fit services to manage
your employer/agent-of-record needs.

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Reduce your risk and ensure legal compliance surrounding Independent Contractor Classification (ICC)

100% compliance rate

Our experienced teams audit and assess new and existing classifications to ensure alignment with state and federal guidelines.

IC classification process

All prospective independent contractors take part in our IC classification process, which is managed by our risk management and legal teams to ensure compliance

Separate compliance and onboarding teams

Separate consultant onboarding and compliance teams ensures no influence over the IC classification approvals

Client indemnification
We make final determination for IC classifications for US-based work and provide indemnification to our clients against the classification
Regulatory environment assessment
We make final determination for IC classifications for US-based work and provide indemnification to our clients against the classification

Consultant onboarding

Our experienced onboarding team help ensure value, support, and productivity.

Our centralized operations allow us to better service and address any issue.
  • Dedicated Staff
  • Online Forms
  • E-Signature
  • Dedicated CSM
We know the ins and outs of all compliance requirements so you don't have to.
  • I-9
  • IC Compliance
  • E-Verify
  • Client-specific documentation
Payment Options
We work with you and fit the solution based on your expectations and schedule.
  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly
  • Direct Deposit
  • Pay Card
  • Expenses Paid (Upon Approval)
Employee Benefits
All W2 employees, including payrollers, receive full Pinnacle Group employee benefits.
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • 401K