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5 Reasons Why Pinnacle Group Is Crazy Good℠

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Crazy Good℠ – you might have seen this phrase on our company materials. You might have heard our Chairman and CEO Nina Vaca say this phrase in passing. Or, you might have even seen us use #CrazyGood on our social media channels.

Is this just a marketing slogan? No way. It’s the Pinnacle Group mantra that forms our mindset. This phrase is part of our culture and at the core of who we are as people and as a company. It’s infused in everything we do, from our business to our efforts in the community.

The Pinnacle Group Values-Driven Culture

At Pinnacle Group, we love to talk about good company culture and culture fit. That’s because our secret sauce, which makes us one of the largest and fastest-growing workforce solutions providers, is our values-driven culture. Our values are driven by the Crazy Good℠ mindset and our culture centers around five tenants.

1. Putting People First

The Pinnacle Group people-first approach is what differentiates us from many other companies and allows us to attract and retain the best talent. Our leadership has worked diligently to establish and preserve the notion that if you treat others with respect and kindness, if you view them holistically for the complicated and wonderful people they are, if you serve them rather than use them, in the end, you’ll demonstrate integrity that is hard to find.

2. Excellent Client Service

Pinnacle Group is well-known for maintaining long and meaningful relationships with clients — so much so that around the office, we refer to them as “partners.” Our strategy has always been and will always be to “land and expand,” meaning that once we get our foot in the door with a client, we perform above and beyond so that when our partners grow, we have proven we can meet any of their additional needs. Upon hiring, everyone at Pinnacle Group starts with the baseline expectation that we should be overdelivering in as many ways as possible. We want to delight clients so that they’re blown away at the level of personal touch and expertise we provide.

3. Serving the Community

At Pinnacle Group, it’s not enough to serve ourselves. Through more than 20 years of existence, we have always focused on giving back to our community in meaningful ways, typically around women’s advancement, STEM education, championing opportunities for other diverse businesses and leaders. As our “community” rapidly expands internationally, we will also expand these initiatives to every corner of the Pinnacle Group footprint while bringing our positive culture of success through entrepreneurship to a global business audience.

4. Entrepreneurialism

Anyone at Pinnacle Group can be an entrepreneur. Part of being an entrepreneur within a company is growing and developing yourself. To encourage and assist in lifelong learning, we invest our time, energy, and financial resources on in-house training, online courses, industry certifications, and college tuition reimbursement to help grow our associates’ careers. We also understand the needs of the future workplace. So, we invest in technology to automate as much of our routine tasks as possible while helping our employees develop the irreplaceable decision-making and people skills that no machine can match

5. Diversity

Championing diversity is about being intentional. At Pinnacle Group, we choose to partner with organizations, communities, and individuals who recognize and value the power that diverse minds bring to our economy and our country. Because, in the absence of this intentionality, Pinnacle Group would end up with apathy or even atrophy, neither of which results in the type of values-driven and culture-rich environment that we seek.

Bottom Line

As leaders in the workforce solutions industry, we take responsibility as keepers of our culture very seriously. When you partner with us, you’ll receive nothing less than the absolute best. Because Crazy Good℠ is more than a slogan; it’s our not so secret, secret sauce.