A Company-wide Commitment to Diversity

As a certified minority and women-owned business, Pinnacle Group understands and appreciates the contributions that diverse talent and suppliers make to our company, our economy and our country. For that reason, Pinnacle Group diligently pursues diverse talent and suppliers.

Pinnacle Group is a
certified woman- and Hispanic-owned firm

Pinnacle Group Supplier Diversity Program

Pinnacle's Supplier Diversity (PSD1) Program begins with the CEO and is supported throughout the entire enterprise. Each operating entity is within Pinnacle Group family of companies and is held responsible not only to participating metrics but also meaningful supplier diversity goals and objectives. Pinnacle’s Supplier Diversity (PSD1) Program works alongside the Risk Management office and directing all corporate communications, certification info, regulation compliance and internal communication efforts to all vendors.

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Pinnacle Group's Chief Diversity Officer, Jessica Narvaez, discussed the gains that Pinnacle Group has made in its Supplier Diversity Program.

Pinnacle TRIPLED its spend with diverse suppliers from 2013 to 2014

Pinnacle is a 100% woman and minority owned business with no outside funding. Our clients enjoy the dual benefit of tier 1 diversity spend and an industry leading MSP experience. Pinnacle is also dedicated to supporting the diversity community through our supplier diversity program to grow and mentor Tier 2 suppliers.

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