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Transforming and Accelerating Internal Hiring


Customer was struggling to ramp up its internal IT organization
A large media firm needed to significantly grow its internal technology group. Their internal efforts to date, coupled with various search firm engagements, had yielded minimal results to date, putting them well behind their internal hiring targets.

The Challenge

Filling a large number of senior-level IT positions quickly and cost-effectively
The internal talent acquisition team and their retained search partners were unaccustomed to the volumes and repeatability required to staff such a large group of IT and professional resources so quickly and in an evolving marketplace for talent. Their traditional sourcing techniques were simply not yielding results, and the client was uncertain as to why. In addition, typical industry fee structures were prohibitively expensive given the volumes needed.


SWAT team approach to rapidly identifying, sourcing, attracting, and retaining talent

Pinnacle leveraged a number of our top talent acquisition specialists, coupled with a multi-layered support structure, to rapidly identify and qualify talent for a number of the customer’s most pressing positions. We met with managers, fully qualified each position, explored compensation and remote work flexibility, and adopted an all-hands-on-deck to sourcing talent nationwide.

One particular challenge was the hand-off between Pinnacle’s talent specialists and our customers internal HR personnel – specifically the operation of their Applicant Tracking System. The risk of mistakes and/or delays in that handoff could have significantly impacted their ability to complete the hiring process at the speed of the market. After discussions, it was determined that Pinnacle team members would be granted direct access to the ATS to complete the hiring process.

Within the first three months, Pinnacle was successfully hired approximately 100 mid and senior level resources into full-time positions, with another 100 hires made over the subsequent three months. The customer’s most critical needs are now addressed, and their newly expanded internal IT team is quickly acclimating to their new environment and driving the group’s expansion forward. Just as importantly, our customized fee structure enabled them to stay within budget while providing the necessary flexibility to meet the compensation requirements of the top talent it required.


Elimination of an organization-limiting talent shortage in a compressed time frame
At the time Pinnacle took over, the customer’s talent shortage had long since passed the critical phase. They have been so delighted with our performance that we are now discussing a broader set of strategic agenda items with them to continue their talent scalability, including full contingent workforce program management.

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