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International Program Expansion


US-only/Staffing-only program seeks to expand services internationally
A leading insurer sought to expand its contingent labor program internationally while expanding services to include both staffing as well as services procurement (SOW spend).

The Challenge

Competing against two large global incumbents
While Pinnacle had significant experience with both staffing and services procurement as well as the client’s VMS technology, two global incumbents were also competing to expand their existing footprints. One led the client’s US-based staffing operations. The second led their US-based RPP operations. Both promoted their extensive global footprint.


Solution-focused with a highly customized approach

Absent the benefit of any internal client relationships, Pinnacle approached the project from a pure solution basis. We pre-designed the work flows, detailed the configuration changes and implementation issues that would arise from the combination of services expansion and geographic expansion, and built a customized team of both recruiting and procurement experts to execute the clients demands.

Upon award, Pinnacle sent implementation teams to each country to implement the technology, hire local support resources, and most importantly, build relationships with local country leadership. Any concerns of local country leadership were addressed, with changes to our initial solution and process flows incorporated wherever possible.

Despite the client’s use of one of the industry’s leading VMS platforms, Pinnacle ended up being the first MSP to successfully implement a program using that technology in Chile. Chile, along with other Latin American countries, each have their own unique challenges that must be addressed individual within the context of an overarching global strategy. In particular, Mexico has recently undergone a number of political changes that make traditional staffing arrangements extremely difficult to maintain.


Effective global program with room to grow
We successfully implemented a combined staffing/services procurement MSP/VMS program across multiple foreign countries, ensuring adherence to all local laws and tax regulations. The program is well-structured for future growth as spend in additional countries continues to grow.

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