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Scaling and Improving an Internally Managed Talent Acquisition Program


Growing IT needs prompt talent acquisition outsourcing

As part of our strategic relationship with a long-term client, we proposed outsourcing their Talent Acquisition function.  The IT/professional program had shrunken considerably over the past decade, and the talent pool was not strong enough to serve internal customer needs.

The Challenge

Sourcing and attracting top talent in a supply-constrained IT labor market
Pinnacle’s Strategic Services team implemented a number of MSP best practices to enhance the customer experience, improve performance ratios, and attract top talent. Our primary areas of focus were cycle time, qualified candidates, offer acceptances, and overall candidate and process quality.


Improved customer satisfaction, cycle times and spend growth

With the same group of suppliers, the same job reqs, and the same VMS technology - but with a nearly 40% reduction in team size – Pinnacle was able to drive process efficiency and customer service to new highs as reflected in Net Promoter Score improvements and overall customer feedback.

The cycle time issue was particularly challenging, with a bimodal distribution reflecting the fact that large numbers of managers were often non-responsive in terms of resume review, interview scheduling, and offer extension. Via improved processes, communications, and training, Pinnacle was able to improve cycle times, fill ratios, and offer acceptance ratios.

When a new business unit expressed interest in re-joining the program, we proactively worked with their leadership to custom-tailor our program to their specific IT talent objectives. The business unit had previously focused on executing individual statements of work – often at higher prices – to source the necessary talent. As a result of Pinnacle’s best practices and strategic advice, the new business unit successfully filled the vast majority of their critical positions and remains a satisfied customer of the program today.


Transforming an internally managed program via Pinnacle best practices
Leveraging the talent and expertise of Pinnacle Group gives our customers a unique advantage – we have significant contingent workforce expertise and analytics that we can tap whenever beneficial for our customers. Our ability to bring together best practices, leading analytics, and executive leadership enabled us us to quickly transform our customer’s internally managed program and broaden its strategic impact within the organization.

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