100% Supplier Payment Accuracy Over a Decade

Caden FrancoCase Studies

Over the past decade, Pinnacle has achieved 100.0% supplier payment accuracy within our MSP programs.  Collectively, these programs represent tens of billions of dollars in payments and thousands of suppliers. …

Freelancer Management in the Communications & Media Sector

Caden FrancoCase Studies, Communications

summaryOur team took over an existing, VMS-based payrolling program from a large, global provider within the communications and media sector. A key goal was to transform a complex, highly manual …

Transitioning from a Legacy MSP/VMS Relationship

The BrandsmithCase Studies, Utilities

A leading utility had a decade-long business relationships with an MSP provider that had been underinvesting in the program. Spend was low and not growing, compliance issues were significant, and customer satisfaction was virtually non-existent. In addition, the customer was using the MSP’s proprietary VMS technology rather than a leading commercial solution.

Growing and Expanding Diverse Supplier Spend

The BrandsmithCase Studies, Media & Entertainment

A large media & entertainment firm established aggressive goals around both Tier 1 and Tier 2 diversity spend across its enterprise. Historically, the percentage of Tier 2 diverse spend within contingent labor had consistently tracked in the upper teens. The goal was to accelerate Tier 2 diverse spend without adversely impacting supplier or candidate quality.

Program Expansion to over a Dozen Business Units

Pinnacle GroupCase Studies, Communications

After a successful MSP and VMS implementation, a leading communications firm saw the opportunity to expand its program to encompass additional spend. However, the program was neither well-known nor understood internally, and the organization’s various business units had a long history of operating independently.