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Pinnacle Group’s Strategic Partnership with Comcast Develops a New Playbook for Procurement, Boosting Opportunities for Diverse Suppliers

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Pinnacle Group, the largest Latina-owned IT and professional contingent workforce solutions provider in the U.S., is proud to be featured in the WE USA V1 2023 issue, showcasing our decade-long strategic partnership with Comcast and the positive impact our collaboration has had on elevating opportunities for diverse suppliers.

Ajamu Johnson, Vice President of Procurement at Comcast, shared, “We wanted to bring a level of intentionality and inclusion to the request for proposal process. It was never a separate diversity conversation or business conversation. It’s just the way we approach going into the marketplace and finding the right partners and the right solutions.” Pinnacle Group’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and innovation aligns perfectly with Comcast’s mission, creating a powerful synergy between the two organizations.

As the largest Latina-owned IT and professional contingent workforce solutions provider in the U.S., Pinnacle Group has long been a trailblazer in the industry for over 25 years, fostering an inclusive and diverse environment for suppliers that supports growth and development. Our partnership and innovative approach with Comcast demonstrates our shared commitment to making a lasting, positive impact on the communities we serve. Together, we are creating new opportunities for underrepresented suppliers and promoting economic growth in the communities that need it most.

Moreover, we’ve continued to invest in cutting-edge technology and mentorship for suppliers, ensuring that we continue to offer the highest quality services in the industry. This investment in technology and mentorship not only benefits our clients, but also drives economic growth in the communities we serve.

As Pinnacle Group and Comcast continue to work together, our focus remains on creating meaningful opportunities for diverse companies. Our joint commitment to diversity and inclusion is at the heart of everything we do, and we are dedicated to making a tangible, lasting impact while building a more equitable supplier base.

Pinnacle Group’s partnership with Comcast exemplifies the power of collaboration and the positive change that can be achieved when two organizations share a common vision. By joining forces, we are not only driving growth and innovation in procurement, but also making a real difference in the lives of countless individuals and communities across the nation.