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Program Expansion to over a Dozen Business Units


Effective Gen 1 rollout opens the door to more opportunity

After a successful MSP and VMS implementation, a leading communications firm saw the opportunity to expand its program to encompass additional spend. However, the program was neither well-known nor understood internally, and the organization’s various business units had a long history of operating independently.

The Challenge

Convincing disparate BU leaders to embrace a non-mandated strategy

While the Gen 1 program had produced excellent early results, the default internal viewpoint was that each business unit had different needs and objectives, and that a “one size fits all” approach was unlikely to succeed.  Legacy suppliers with a vested interest in the status quo were also quick to point out the “if it’s not broken, why fix it?” mantra.


Performance metrics, customization, and customer experience

Our ability to achieve and report on key performance metrics was the catalyst that caught the attention of senior leadership. With their support, Pinnacle developed a BU roadmap and associated growth strategy to demonstrate the potential benefits of the new program.

BU customization became an early issue to address. While 80%-90% of our standard approach remained viable for the vast majority of Bus, differences in skills, business processes, and strategic goals required individual BU customization prior to final sign-off. The challenge was always how to maintain an efficient, process-driven, cost-effective approach while accommodating different BU needs. In addition, continuing to demonstrate our commitment to an outstanding customer experience required significant investment in people as well as technology.

The full roll-out to well over a dozen individual business units was completed over approximately three years, with the largest and/or most receptive business units being addressed first. With each successive BU addition, Pinnacle was able to document and report on the program’s accomplishments, thus paving the way for additional business units to join the initiative.


Industry-leading program with significant cost, process, and diversity accomplishments

The total program is now considered one of the industry’s most prominent and effective.  Suppliers have been significantly rationalized, costs have been effectively controlled, processes are well documented and effective, diversity spend is at record levels, and talent quality remains a true differentiator.  The customer is now seeking to expand the program once again in an effort capture many of the innovations and best practices across an even larger segment of spend.

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