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Becoming the #1 overall supplier in only 3 Quarters


Customer sought improved diversity spend within its Prime Supplier Program
A large banking organization sought to broaden its diversity footprint and overall diverse spend as part of a CEO-led initiative. The program was performing effectively, with strong internal management, a rationalized supply base, and effective supplier performance management. There were no major concerns aside from the diversity spend initiative.

The Challenge

Identifying high performing, scalable diverse suppliers who could compete immediately
The group of legacy suppliers was well-established within the program, with strong hiring manager relationships and well-developed client service teams across all critical service locations. Establishing any type of competitive presence would require a team of at least a dozen, growing to two dozen within a short period of time.


Regional proof of concept followed by rapid scalability thereafter

Pinnacle began with a highly focused, fully dedicated team of financial services experts focused on a single region of the country. Within a short period of time, the team established itself as a true competitor to the legacy suppliers and consistently received strong feedback.

Thereafter, Pinnacle utilized our initial experience to scale the team accordingly, region-by-region, until we reached a level of approximately two dozen dedicated experts serving multiple client locations and hundreds of hiring managers. Along the way, we kept a close eye on our performance ratios, particularly those measuring candidate quality.

In only our second full quarter of program participation, Pinnacle was able to achieve the #2 overall ranking among all program suppliers (based on hiring volumes), and a #1 overall ranking in one of their two sub-categories of supplier performance. The internal program management team continues to compliment our team’s performance, and the client has begun speaking to us about additional opportunities to serve them.


Significant acceleration of diverse spend coupled with improved overall performance
The client’s initial goals were simply to increase their diversity spend while at least maintaining overall program quality. Instead, they not only achieved a significant acceleration of their diversity spend goals, they also experienced an unexpected overall improvement in program performance as well.

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