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Global Platform Solution in the Communications Industry


Disparate systems and process driving operational complexity

A global leader in delivering innovative communications and technology solutions had a mission “to give humans the ability to do more in this world.” However, disparate systems and processes grew increasingly complex with each merger and acquisition. An end-to-end integrated global platform solution was required to drive ongoing operational excellence.

The Challenge

Bottlenecks in order management driving billing delays

Non-enriched, non-integrated, latent data were creating bottlenecks in the order management and billing process, resulting in an average 4-month quotes-to-billing lifecycle. In addition, complex business processes drove complex IT systems and vice versa.


Development of single global platform solution

Pinnacle helped develop a single global platform that provided an end-to-end integrated sales, ordering, provisioning, and billing system. Key capabilities included:

  • Simplified entitlement based on pricing
  • 100% order-to-billing flow-through
  • Optionless provisioning workflow
  • Products billed globally from single biller


Increased revenue through improved customer service and lower operating costs

  • Dramatically improved operational lifecycles
  • Quote-to-Order reduced from 4 months average to 4 days max
  • 67% reduction in special pricing touches
  • Provisioning interval reduced by 17 days
  • 5 out of 11 workflow steps automated

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